Roman Uliasz

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Roman Uliasz graduated from the University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin, Poland (branch in Rzeszów) where he earned his Master of Laws degree in 1999. He served as an Assistant Lecturer at Management and Administration College in Przemyśl where he lectured on commercial and corporate law. He completed a legal practice training for candidate judges and passed the appropriate exam in 2002. He also completed an Introductory Course in Translation at the UNESCO Chair for Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication (Jagiellonian University). In 2004 he was a guest law lecturer at Stafford University (United Kingdom). At present, works as an Assistant Lecturer at the Rzeszów University (Faculty of Law) and he teaches public and private commercial law. His main area of expertise includes the issues of securities for loans with particular reference to charges over shares. He is a PhD candidate at Wrocław University where he prepares the PhD dissertation "Charge over shares in a joint stock company and limited-liability company". He is the author of several journal articles.

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