Matti Kauppi


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Matti Kauppi is University Lecturer of International University Audentes, Faculty of Law, Tallinn, Estonia. His research focuses on The Free Movement of Goods - Selling Arrangements. He has worked both as a researcher and as an assistant professor at the University of Helsinki where he is studying for a PhD in Law. He has taken his MSc at the University of Helsinki and Amsterdam.

Matti Kauppi is a frequent speaker in various Universities and schools in Finland and Estonia in both Finnish and English languages. He is author of numerous working papers and articles on European Law and on International Trade Law.

He is Vice-Chairman of The Finnish Association for European Law, a member of Legal Society of Finland, Union Finnish Lawyers, Finnish Competition Law Association and Finnish Arbitration Law Association.

He is practicing law in Attorneys-at-Law Matti Kauppi Ltd in Helsinki, Finland with branch in Tallinn, Estonia.

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